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We provide a Complimentary Training Diagnosis for your company!

Get in touch with us to assess the training needs of your company. We will develop your Training Plan, encompassing all essential aspects for the enhancement of your employees’ skills, in compliance with legal requirements.

Our services include identifying the most suitable courses and training modalities, offering budget estimates, and recommending the best partners for each training area.


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Is Your People's training eligible for mandatory training hours per employee?

Yes, as Your People is certified by DGERT in 8 areas (Personal Development, Commerce, Accounting and Taxation, Management and Administration, Organizational Framework, Occupational Health and Safety at Work, Marketing and Advertising, Finance, Banking, and Insurance), all training provided in these areas counts as mandatory training hours.

If an employee recruited by Your People does not prove to be a suitable fit and leaves the company, do you provide a replacement at no additional cost?

If the client determines within the first 3 months after the candidate’s hiring that the selected resource is not suitable, Your People will initiate a second recruitment process within the original payment made by the client.