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Choose2Include Program

Your People and Associação Salvador have collaboratively developed a unique Inclusive Employability program, drawing from the collective experience of both entities in the fields of inclusion and social responsibility.

The Choose2include initiative focuses on Recruitment & Selection and skill development programs, actively working towards fostering inclusive organizational cultures.

Our objective is to create equal opportunities in the workplace, promote skill development, and facilitate career progression through the establishment of an inclusive culture that ensures the robust and seamless integration of employees.

In collaboration with Associação Salvador

Inclusive Employability Program

Development of e-learning content

Motivational lectures

Inclusive Culture (2h)
All employees

Inclusive Leadership (4h)
All levels of leadership

Inclusive Tutors (8h)
Designated Onboarding Tutors

Team Coaching (1h)
Teams with Inclusion

Inclusive Recruitment (16h)
Human Resources Teams


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Is Your People's training eligible for mandatory training hours per employee?

Yes, as Your People is certified by DGERT in 8 areas (Personal Development, Commerce, Accounting and Taxation, Management and Administration, Organizational Framework, Occupational Health and Safety at Work, Marketing and Advertising, Finance, Banking, and Insurance), all training provided in these areas counts as mandatory training hours.

If an employee recruited by Your People does not prove to be a suitable fit and leaves the company, do you provide a replacement at no additional cost?

If the client determines within the first 3 months after the candidate’s hiring that the selected resource is not suitable, Your People will initiate a second recruitment process within the original payment made by the client.