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Accounting Services

We guarantee the financial integrity of your company, managing everything from VAT declarations to the annual closing of accounts

Management Control

We proactively mitigate undesirable situations by implementing strategies that align with the objectives of your company

Compliance and Statistical Obligations

We submit declarations ensuring compliance with accessory obligations and the reporting of statistical information


Learn more about Your Finance

Why is Accounting important for SMEs?

Accounting is crucial not only for SMEs but for any business. It provides a clear view of finances, enabling informed and strategic decisions. Additionally, it ensures legal and tax compliance, avoiding penalties. Accounting is an essential investment, guiding the growth and stability of companies in the competitive market.

What are the tax obligations of the client?

In Portugal, tax obligations include tax registration, filing tax declarations such as VAT and corporate income tax (IRC), withholding tax (RF), individual income tax (IRS), contributions to social security, intracommunity declarations, Model 10 for withholding tax, annual IES declaration, and stamp duty in certain transactions. It is essential to fulfill these obligations to avoid penalties and ensure tax compliance. At Grupo Your, we guide our clients in handling these responsibilities appropriately.

What are the advantages of having your financial obligations handled by professionals?

Having your financial obligations handled by professionals offers numerous advantages. Firstly, as specialists, Grupo Your accountants ensure the accuracy and compliance of your tax declarations, preventing errors. Moreover, by delegating these tasks, clients save time that can be dedicated to focusing on the growth of their business.

Financial professionals are experienced in the complexities of tax laws and stay updated on regulatory changes, meaning they can help you maximize deductions and tax benefits. This not only reduces your tax burden but also optimizes your finances.

Additionally, relying on financial experts can provide valuable insights into your cash flow, financial management, and strategies to improve your company’s tax efficiency.