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Grupo Your

Grupo Your brand. The pink brand.

By 19/01/2024February 28th, 2024No Comments

The Your Group brand is characterized by its human touch, creating a personalized effect across its various business pillars. Its colors bring life and happiness, while its positioning is innovative and intimate, exuding confidence and robustness. These are some of the pillars of the brand, geared towards a service management marketplace for SMEs, with a decisive focus on customers and a commitment to sustained excellence and innovation.

Above all, Your Group is a brand with soul, crafted by people for people, directed towards customers and the national business community.

Social responsibility and corporate citizenship are active convictions that we explore through interventions in communities and associations representing our area of operation, maintaining a constant and recurring concern for the social and environmental sector.

Our Purpose is the proof of our existence as a company: Delivering excellent management support services to businesses in a sustainable way. Our Vision translates this purpose into objectives and shows where we aim to be in the medium to long term: to be the reference partner for SMEs, providing a management support marketplace and contributing to the sustainable growth of SMEs that represent our business fabric.

Our Mission outlines how to achieve the vision in a more tangible way, becoming the synthesis goal of the organization. We aim to constantly innovate, parallel to digital transformation, offering solutions in accounting, payroll, integrated management support services, insurance, safety and health at work, as well as in the areas of people and culture, always with a focus on customers and their needs.

Miguel Salema Garção

Marketing & Sales Officer

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