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Duarte CostaPartner DCK / Poke House

We liberate teams from massive and repetitive tasks so they can focus on what matters most.

Sr. António OliveiraNon Basta

Group Your holds a distinctive role as our valued partner. It is always present in our decision-making processes. The trustful relationship has contributed to the development of our group. They deliver essential services in management, management control, accounting, taxation, and human resources – essential components of our daily operations.

João Paulo PeixotoGeneral Director - Staples Portugal

We presented Grupo Your with a significant challenge for them to overcome. They carefully and meticulously analyzed the issue and identified the problem. They delivered a solution that solved a longstanding problem impacting our results. A big thank you to Grupo Your’s team.

Inês HenriquesTraining Manager at CRP – CIRE

We presented Your People with a challenge, aiming to enhance employees' understanding of the eight competencies. Simultaneously, our goal was to foster greater cohesion, a sense of belonging, and to enhance team collaboration. Additionally, we sought to recognize the efforts of all individuals working in this domain. Congratulations on the meticulous planning of the day, the event nomenclature, and the thoughtfully selected activities, all of which were perfectly tailored to our needs. We extend our sincere appreciation for the Your People team's responsiveness and amiable collaboration.

Ana Ortigão SampaioHR Director – Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Your Care has been providing comprehensive support in occupational and curative medicine in collaboration with UCP since 1995. It offers assistance in clinical exams and advice in different occupational health and safety processes. Your Care delivers a distinguished service allying competent professionals with quality, precision and availability. Com profissionais sempre disponíveis e competentes que contribuem para a satisfação dos nossos colaboradores e para o bom funcionamento da nossa instituição, a YourCare tem prestado um serviço que se distingue pela sua disponibilidade, qualidade, rigor e profissionalismo, transmitindo assim uma total confiança!

Pedro Silveira MachadoOperations Manager Portugal

With Your Care we ensure that all food safety rules are respected. Your Care supports us in monitoring processes and fulfilling our mission, daily challenges, and responsibilities. Their trainings ensure that all our employees know how to proceed when it comes to safety and hygiene in the workplace. Your Care also takes care of the health of our employees, guiding them both to adopt preventive measures against occupational risks and healthy lifestyles.

Claúdia RodriguesHuman Resources Director

Seth- Sociedade de Empreitadas e Trabalhos Hidráulicos S.A. has a long-standing partnership with Your Care, which is indeed an exceptional and very professional team. In addition to the Occupational Safety and Health services provided by the company, we have already attended some Training Actions, which has proved to be very fruitful for the performance of Seth employees, and therefore for the company's performance. In this sense, we would like to highlight Your Care for its dedication to its customers. It always presents availability and flexibility for understanding and presenting solutions for our case. It fulfills the services with seriousness and rigor.

Cristina FaustinoHuman Resources Director

Your Care has demonstrated, over the years of collaboration with the Continental Group, exemplary professionalism, technical competence, and dedication of its entire multidisciplinary team. The services have been reflected in the well-being and safety of our employees, referring to the quality of health surveillance examinations, technical audits, health and safety education and other services. The partnership established between the two companies has proved important in reducing accidents at work and the incidence of occupational diseases.

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